Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn

Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn


Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn
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If I’m not wearing workout gear I’m in a dress. I wear form fitted dresses to work most every day. If I’m heading out for a date or for a night with girlfriends I love wearing either a sexy cocktail or party dress. What I like to call a “Vegas” dress.


I don’t have any favorite designers or brands. I’m a big fan of a discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I end up with a lot of Ralph Lauren stuff.

Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn
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My favorite style of dress, whether for a lunch, at the beach or an evening gown, is a halter. I feel like that style highlights the delts I’ve spent many years sculpting.


I haven’t competed in Evening Gown yet, but it’s definitely something I’d like to do.

Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn
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For now, my next plans in the International Physique League are to make my Pro Debut  in the Bikini division this January. And also enter the Fitness Angels division as an Amateur with hopes of winning a Pro Card in that division as well.

“Choose basics that you can wear in a variety of situations that you can pick up for a good price.”

Pretty Dresses: Featuring IPL Bikini Pro, Amanda Lynn
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Someday I’m writing a book about the correlation between budgeting your finances and budgeting your nutrition choices. It’s the same skill set of planning and discipline. Splurge on the really good high quality stuff like designer shoes or a special meal in a restaurant. But for everyday, make smart choices. Choose basics that you can wear in a variety of situations that you can pick up for a good price. A simple t-shirt dress is a whole lot like poached chicken. Dress it up with heals for a photo shoot, or wear it with flip flips to run errands. Shredded chicken can be served with fancy sides and sauce, or thrown on top of a salad. SEAM

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