IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl


IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl
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Ever since Kristen Davis first touched down on the IPL stage at the April 2019 Sunshine State Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida she has been on a rocket ship straight to the top.     

     At that contest Kristen placed 1st in Bikini Open, earning her IPL Pro Card. She also took 1st place honors in Bikini Novice. Five months later she would make her Pro Bikini Debut at the Florida Pro in Daytona Beach in September, placing 2nd. She also placed 2nd in Fitness Angels Open at this contest.

     These impressive placements qualified her to compete at IPL APEX IV, year-end pinnacle championship event taking place the following month in Burbank, California. Here she would compete against some of the best athletes of the 2019 IPL contest season. Kristen went on to place 3rd in Pro Bikini at APEX and 1st in Fitness Angels Open, earning her Angels Pro Card.

     In 2019 Kristen landed three magazine covers, including two issues of VIGOROUS Magazine and now her first cover of SEAM. This young lady is a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s an incredible athlete and has an amazing look. Total cover model material! One can only imagine what the future holds for Kristen Davis.

“Be you, be brave and just make it happen!”

SEAM: When it comes to cover girls, you SEAM to be totally ideal. Are you aware of the impact of your look?

KRISTEN: Ah! I see what you did there. I remember trying modeling when I was eight. Total tomboy and was turned away. I guess I never really thought about the impact.

IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl
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S: Since you started competing within the IPL you have landed on three magazine covers, which is just amazing. Which cover is your favorite?

K: I love the my second VIGOROUS cover. I feel it sums up my weekend vibes. Bathing suit, cut off shorts and pure relaxation in the sun.

S: What’s your favorite thing about being a cover girl and what does it mean to you?

K: My favorite thing would have to be the realization of what is accomplished to get there. No one ever celebrates your success during the process. It is always the end result. The covers are just reflections of the commitments to daily disciplines I try to practice.

S: What has your experience in the fitness industry been like, from when you started to now?

IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl
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K: Boy! It has been a roller coaster. There are phases where you are inspired to try this meal plan, or this workout regimen. I have met a variety of people who have impacted my style to this day. I had one weight training coach that helped me during my first fitness competition. He was an old school Bodybuilder. He said don’t show up in those half sports bras or shorts. Cover your muscles and make people wonder what’s under there. He forced me to focus on the muscle mind connection. In famous words, “last set best set.”

S: Do you feel you have a signature look/pose etc.…? If so, what would you say is your signature?

K: I love the front pose, hip pointed forward and the booty popped out.

S: What are your best modeling/cover girl tips and tricks?

IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl
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K: Smile with your eyes, relax and find inspiration on poses.

S: What advice do you have for those who are aiming to achieve what you have? Those who think…”I can do it, I just don’t know how to get there.” What is your best advice?

K: Fail forward. You never know until you try, so get to work.

S: Who are your biggest influences in life, health, fitness etc….?

K: My father is my biggest influence. He taught me to be fearless and go for it. He never doubted any decision I ever made. My coach Jen Micheli has always been a huge influence. She helped pave a pathway to a healthier lifestyle and create discipline for myself. She has always been so supportive and has never given up on me.

IPL Pro Kristen Davis Is The Perfect Cover Girl
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S: How important to you is wearing makeup? And what advice can you offer in this area?

K: So, makeup is a 50/50 shot with me. On a daily basis it is very minimal. I always joke with my girlfriends that I could spend 45 minutes on makeup or 10 minutes and it will always look the same. My staple go to is always big lashes. You will rarely see me without them. Everything else, I can survive without.

S: We love your Instagram! What do you love most about it?

K: I love that it represents me. Some have shared that I should clean it up and not have so many pictures and use it for business. But that’s not me. I love sharing every aspect from my career, hobby, family and crazy side.

S: When taking a selfie, what are your secrets to making your pix pop?

K: It’s all about the natural lighting. Just stand in front of a window, hit the vivid filter from an iPhone and viola!

S: What are your everyday beauty essentials?

K: Tinted Moisturizer, big lashes and a light lip color.

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S: What is one thing that you are aiming to achieve in your life this year?

K: I am aiming to learn the process of being more present. I have always focused on what’s next, how to get their and work work work. That can take a toll.

S: Any final thoughts?

K: This is just so amazing to me. I love the idea that whoever is reading this can be inspired and know it’s possible. Be you, be brave and just make it happen! SEAM

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