Barbara Elliott Is Fab At 50 Plus!

Barbara Elliott Is Fab At 50 Plus!

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Fifty-two-years-young IPL Bikini, Sports Model & Evening Gown Athlete.

By SEAM Team | Michael Brooks Photography

“Being over 50 allows you to put into practice all the things your younger self wishes she had learned.”

SEAM: Who are some of your inspirations in life or otherwise?

BARBARA ELLIOTT: My two children are my greatest inspirations. Despite their disabilities, they approach each day with a smile and an, “I can do this” attitude. This inspires me to look beyond excuses for not striving to be the best I can be.

SEAM: What is the best life advice you’ve ever been given?

BE: The best life advice I received was, “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”

SEAM: What life advice would you give to the younger generations?

BE: Don’t beat yourself up. Life will always have ups and downs and that’s what makes you who you are. Accept yourself and the good with the bad and learn to grow with all of it.

Barbara Elliott Is Fab At 50 Plus!

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SEAM: How do you find work-life balance? BE: I balance my work life by knowing at the end of the day, that day is over. Tomorrow is a brand new day and that it starts on a clean slate and whatever happened yesterday is gone.

SEAM: What does it mean to age gracefully? BE: Aging gracefully means not giving up. You can live your best life at any age. Being over 50 allows you to put into practice all the things your younger self wishes she had learned.

SEAM: You are looking pretty stylish in your photo shoot with Michael Brooks. Do you consider yourself stylish?

BE: Yes. I strive to look my best, daily. Being classy with a side of edgy gives me confidence.

SEAM: How has your style changed over time?

BE: My style has changed through my hair. I loved my 80s hair, but as I became older and more confident, it got shorter and more sassy.

SEAM: Which trends do you think should come back and which ones should die?

BE: I would love to see Dittos pants come back! I think the saggy pants look should die. Let’s bring the classy gentleman back.

SEAM: Do you have a lot of black in your closet?

Barbara Elliott Is Fab At 50 Plus!

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BE: Yes. My closet is mostly black, but I always add sparkle for flare.

SEAM: What are some of your favorite colors, when it comes to clothing?

“My goal is to earn 1st place in the 2019 competition season. I have my eyes set on a very sparkly tiara!”

BE: I like to stay with the deep colors, like sapphire blue, rich burgundy and deep emerald greens.

SEAM: In what sort of clothing do you feel most comfortable?

BE: I feel most comfortable in my son’s extra-large, high school sweat pants and an extra large baggy sweatshirt.

SEAM: In what sort of clothing do you feel most elegant?

BE: Anything I wear with my high heels makes me feel elegant. I am 5 feet tall. So, when I am wearing my heels, I feel like a runway model.

Barbara Elliott Is Fab At 50 Plus!

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SEAM: You are in amazing shape! What is your secret?

BE: When I am focused on a goal, I become very dedicated. I eat clean and lift weights consistently.

SEAM: What is next for you?

BE: My goal is to earn 1st place in the 2019 competition season. I have my eyes set on a very sparkly tiara! SEAM

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