5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!

BY ANNIE MINKLER | Editor-in-Chief

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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It seems that from October 31st to January 1st, the amount of parties I attend grows each year. Of course, for someone like me who loves any opportunity to get dressed up, this is just another reason to love winter even more! I am sure many of you probably feel the same way.

     An opportunity to go out and buy a new dress for that fancy, catered holiday party is so much fun! Maybe it’s because I spend most of my days in yoga pants, but I always get extra excited when it is my turn to shop for a fancy outfit.

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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“Do a little research. When I searched “Holiday party outfit” I was immediately inspired…”

I usually spend about 25% of my time picking out an outfit, and 75% of the time envisioning how I will do my hair and makeup. Getting ready usually involves me inviting all of my friends over to my house so I can glam them up, too!

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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     I got started in makeup by glamming my friends out for prom, parties, and events. And one thing I have come to learn is many of my girlfriends don’t know how to do their makeup or dress for a holiday party. When I do my friends makeup for holiday parties, most of them tell me to do whatever I want because they have “no idea what to do.” For me, this is music to my ears because I can get creative and do whatever fun holiday look I want!

     But what about the girls who don’t have someone around to do their makeup for them? How should they style their hair? Which outfit will be best for the occasion? These are my tips for you, the girls out there who are clueless when it comes to getting ready for the holiday parties:

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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Make getting ready a pre-party.

     Getting ready by yourself can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure or not used to dressing up. I love getting my girlfriends together before the party starts! Dressing up as a group takes the edge off and makes you more relaxed, and you can help each other with hair or makeup. Plus you have time to take a few group photos before the party!

Do a little research.

     I am a big advocate for Pinterest, and any visual aids you can find. Simply search “winter makeup looks” and you can be inspired by a bunch of fun new looks to try! I recommend that you find a step-by-step demonstration of how to create the makeup look of your choosing. This can also be great for outfit inspiration as well.

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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     When I searched “Holiday party outfit” I was immediately inspired to pair my gold sequin blazer with a cute pair of leather leggings and cream blouse for a winter night out with friends. Or, I may finally buy that long tulle skirt because I saw it paired with a flannel shirt and black heels. Take some time to do some research, and I guarantee you will be inspired to try something new and fun!

“Go for bold. For example, I love deep red lipstick at parties.”

Go for bold.

     It’s a party, so you will want to get more dressed up than normal! Pick one thing you want to go bold on and then go natural on everything else. For example, I love deep red lipstick at parties. If I am going bold on my lips, I tend to wear much less eye makeup so my lips are the bold statement everyone sees. On the flip side, dark smoky eyes are so much fun at parties and they make your eyes pop! In this case, go with a more natural or neutral toned lip. If you aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup, any amount of makeup will seem like a lot. You can also choose to go bold with your outfit! Follow the same guidelines…pick one bold article of clothing and go more neutral for the rest to accentuate and compliment it!

5 Tips For Getting Holiday Party-Ready!
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Pair your hairstyle with your outfit.

     This is one thing that most people tend to overlook. When it comes to how you style your hair for a party, before deciding on whether to wear it up or down, consider what you are wearing. For example, if you are attending a fancy party and picked out a smoking hot dress that is cut lower in the back, you will want to go for more of an updo or loose low bun. This way your hair is out of the way and you can show off your back

muscles. Or, say your dress is less revealing and has a high neckline. Wearing your hair down, in loose flowing curls, will offset the higher cut dress.

Keep your feet happy.

     Yes, it’s a party, and yes, you want to wear cute shoes, but nothing dampens your party mood quicker than uncomfortable shoes. You need to keep in mind that at holiday parties, you will most likely be standing, walking, and talking most of the time. Trust me, I have been the girl who stood all night in shoes that were a size too small, but they were cute and went with my outfit. Despite the discomfort, I mingled, danced and wore those tight shoes till about 1am. My feet were not happy with me following the party. Don’t sacrifice your feet for a night out in uncomfortable shoes. You most likely have other pairs of shoes in your closet that will not only fit, but are just as cute with your outfit!

     Holiday parties and the process of getting ready for them should be fun, and these five tips will make getting ready for your holiday parties less stressful and more exciting! I hope you pick one or two to help you get inspired, let your festive party girl out, and have some fun this holiday season! SEAM

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