10 Lipstick Tips You Can Smile About

Lips are central to the human face, and they get plenty of attention. Whether you like your lips bright and cheery or dark and sensual, lipstick is a makeup staple that has stood the test of time. If you’re a woman, you probably use lipstick at least once in a while. But are you using it correctly? Your lipstick can be a show-stopper or it can ruin the rest of your look. You might be surprised to find out that you’re making lipstick mistakes that dull your own efforts at incredible lips.

Here are 10 simple lipstick tips to make your lips even lovelier.

#1 Drink more water.

Hydration is critical to every part of your body, and your lips are no exception. Dehydrated lips can be flaky and lifeless. If your lips are dry, make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

#2 Exfoliate.

Dead skin is not a good look when it comes to your lips. Like the rest of your skin, the cells in your lips are constantly renewing. If you slough off the old, dry cells, your lipstick can look lumpy and dull. Exfoliating your lips is easy. You can buy products specifically for that purpose. You can also use products you may have around the house like baking soda or a mix of sugar and cooking oil. Simply rub your lips gently with a clean toothbrush about once a week, and you will see a difference.

#3 Moisturize.

If you’re drinking lots of water and your lips are still dry, you’ll want to moisturize. Many women use lip balm in the winter when lips may be dry and cracked but forget that lips need moisture in warmer months as well. Applying a lip balm is an easy way to give your lips some healing attention. Some people apply lip balm before lipstick. That’s a good approach as long as the balm has had time to soak through before the lipstick is applied. If your lipstick mingles with your lip balm, it won’t spread as well over your lips.

#4 Choose the right lip liner.

Your lip liner should be the same shade as your lipstick or just a tiny bit darker. If lip liner is too light, it can’t do its job and make your lips stand out. If it’s too dark, your lips look like someone has drawn them on.

#5 Use your lip liner correctly.

Once you’ve chosen the right shade for your lip liner, be sure you use it properly. Draw a line that is on the natural line of your lips or just a tiny bit on one side or the other. Drawing way outside the natural line will not make your lips look fuller. It will simply look like you tried to apply makeup and missed. You can draw vertical lines with your lip liner to help your lips appear fuller. You can also shade in your lips with liner to help give your lipstick something to grab.

#6 Choose the right lipstick shade.

The best shades for you will depend on your skin tone and your makeup style. You will probably have some lipstick shades for everyday wear and others for the evening. No matter your skin tone, you will have a variety of lip colors to choose from. Consider your lips. Lighter colors make lips look fuller, and darker colors tend to make them look thinner.

#7 Start in the middle.

Apply your lipstick from the center to the edges. Start with one side of your cupid’s bow, the little dent in the center of your upper lip. Move from there to one edge. Then go back to the center and apply lipstick to the other side. Do the same on your bottom lips, moving from the center to the ends. If you try to apply lipstick from one side straight to the other, you miss the subtle shaping.

#8 Set it with powder.

Setting your lipstick will make a huge difference in how long it stays in place. You can buy special powder for setting your lipstick, or you can use the powder you have for your face. Just brush a little over your lips.

#9 Be sure to blot.

Blotting may look old-fashioned, but it serves a purpose. Blotting keeps your lipstick smooth and even. It also takes away excess that could eventually end up on your teeth. You can use blotting paper or just a tissue to blot away extra color.

#10 Layer for longer lasting color.

Layers are a great way of fighting fading lipstick. Apply, set and blot one layer of lipstick. Then apply, set and blot at least one more layer. You will probably want to bring your lipstick with you to reapply during the day. Lipstick wears away quickly, especially if you are eating or drinking.

10 Lipstick Tips You Can Smile About

Wearing lipstick can instantly bring your look to a new level. When you know these 10 lipstick tips, you will be able to make the most out of your beautiful lips. That’s something to smile about. SEAM