Raquel Flaherty: Mother Of 3, Wife, Health Coach, IPL Bikini Pro

Raquel Flaherty: Mother Of 3, Wife, Health Coach, IPL Bikini Pro


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Top IPL Bikini Pro, Raquel Flaherty is such an inspiration. Raquel hit the IPL stage for the first time at the  September 2018 3rd Annual West Coast Pro/Am in Sacramento, CA. At that contest she placed 1st in Bikini Open Class A and earned her IPL Pro Card.

     Since then she has returned to the stage, including her Bikini Pro debut at the May 2019 4th Annual IPL California Championship. And she has even added additional divisions such as Athletic and Evening Gown.  

     Of course Raquel is much more than an amazing athlete. She is also a role model mother of three. A beautiful wife, who is holding down the fort for a storybook family. And a health coach, helping people live their best lives. And now Raquel can add Cover girl to that list!

BEN YOSEF: Welcome to SEAM Magazine! And congrats on the cover. This cover is one of my favorites. Such a fresh, fun look to it. How are you feeling about all this?

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RAQUEL FLAHERTY: I’m loving it! At times it all feels very surreal. I never thought I would have such an awesome opportunity!

BEN: Awesome! It’s all very well deserved! So, you are a mother of three…What are the ages of your children?

RAQUEL: Yes! Three amazing, wonderful girls! They are 16, 14, and 5.

BEN: Very cool! And what an amazing role-model they have. You are also married… Sounds like you have a very cozy family over there!

RAQUEL: Ha-ha! Yes, I definitely feel like I’m living a fairytale life.

BEN: So awesome. How did you get into Health Coaching?

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RAQUEL: This is a great story! It all started when I met my new neighbor. She introduced me to this amazing company called Herbalife Nutrition! From there my business just took off. I learned so much about health and nutrition. Plus I decided to get a certification in personal training. The best part is you can never know too much and we are always learning something new!

BEN: So cool. What all does your health coaching business entail?

RAQUEL: I help people live a healthier and happier lifestyle through a healthier mindset on nutrition and incorporating exercise into their lives. I run things such as fit camps and online challenges to help people stay on track with their goals. Plus there’s always the opportunity to win some cash!

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BEN: Sounds awesome! What got you interested in Bikini Competitions?

RAQUEL: When I was a teen I noticed several sculpted women in fitness magazines and it sparked my interest. I was a runner at the time. Life happened and I let it go for a while. As an adult I became interested again when I met someone who did competitions. Lucky for me my beautiful friend knew someone who has a team in California and adopted me as one of her athletes. From their it just spiraled and now I’m hooked!

BEN: Love it! How do you balance it all? Work, life, fitness, family…

RAQUEL: With the help of a very supportive and understanding man I like to call my husband. Team work makes the dream work!

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BEN: I hear ya. What tips would you give to women out there who have difficulty finding balance? Other than finding an amazing husband. [laughs]

“I found the importance of setting goals, deciding which are most important, and then doing the most important things first.”

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RAQUEL: -laughs- Before the amazing husband I was definitely a single mommy and a one woman show, per say. What I found extremely helpful, and still apply in daily life, is to prioritize. I found the importance of setting goals, deciding which are most important, and then doing the most important things first. My schedule is my bible. Without it I wouldn’t be as efficient as I know I can be. At the end of the day my last tip would be to find a quiet space to just center yourself. With either a good book or something constructive such as personal development.

BEN: You are a great role model and I appreciate having you in the IPL. Congratulations on all of your achievements. That being said, I know you are just getting started! Any final thoughts?

RAQUEL: Thank you so much for the opportunity! I will leave with these words…Be passionate and proactive about your dreams! It inspires growth! SEAM

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